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Coach David Parker


David Parker is an impassioned javelin and conditioning coach who prioritizes athletic development, strength, and fitness when coaching his players. David has been responsible for supervising the growth of national programs and the physical development of national program athletes for many years in Shanghai, China. David constantly strives to bring out the best in his athletes, going beyond teaching a sport’s fundamentals to focus on the underlying movement patterns of each player.

This management style allows David to help his athletes improve in a safe and controlled environment. David Parker is renowned for his unique and functional training techniques, which he uses to help athletes’ dynamic stability, avoid injuries, and prepare them for anything unforeseen.

Coach David Parker works as the Chinese Athletics Association’s National Men’s Javelin Coach and the Shanghai Track & Field Team’s Head Performance Javelin Coach. David is also a Co-owner and Director of The Javelin Throw and Sightline Performance. David previously worked as the National Performance Institute Coach for Throws with British Athletics and the Lead Throws Coach at Loughborough University, the same institution where he got both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

During his tenure with England Athletics, David Parker served as the National Coach Mentor for javelin throw and combined events. As a senior strength and conditioning coach at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) in Yorkshire, David Parker worked with a wide variety of Olympic and Paralympic sports. In addition to working with the British diving and England rugby Leagues, David coached the national volleyball and handball teams of the United Kingdom.

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David has been involved in sports as a strength and conditioning coach for 18 years, with 16 years in the high-performance sector. David is professionally accredited through the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA). He has vast expertise as a performance coach in both able-bodied and handicapped categories, from grassroots to professional international athletes.

David’s master’s degree in Sports Biomechanics allows him to combine his well-established coaching beliefs with scientifically sound reasoning. David is also an accomplished international athlete on his own. He won the 1998 World Junior Championships and competed for England in the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

David is not only a superior mentor and coach, but he also works with other coaches, sharing insights and providing support whenever possible. David is a loving father and husband, a lifelong Liverpool Football Club fan, an avid skier and golfer, and a two-sport athlete in Shanghai who plays for two different teams. 

Learn more about David by visiting his other websites, and, as well as The Javelin Throw.

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