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Coach David Parker’s Resume

Coach David Parker is a dedicated javelin and conditioning coach that places a high value on his athletes’ growth as athletes and their physical strength and stamina.

A graduate degree in Sports Biomechanics enables David to blend his coaching philosophy with scientifically based reasoning. As an outstanding international athlete himself, David is a force to be reckoned with. As an international athlete, he represented England in the 1998 World Junior Championships and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

For nearly two decades, David Parker has been a strength and conditioning coach. For 16 of those years spent in the high-performance arena. The United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association has certified David as a professional strength and conditioning coach. From grassroots to international athletes, he has extensive experience as a performance coach for both able-bodied and disabled individuals of all ages.

Work Experience


Loughborough University | 2004 – 2005

MSc,Sports Biomechanics

Loughborough University | 1999 – 2003

BSc (Hons), Mathematics with Management


Head Coach | Javelin | Shanghai Provincial Track & Field Team

Coach David Parker has the strategic and leadership capabilities to work with athletes operating at the very highest level in their sport.

National Coach | Men’s Javelin | Chinese Athletics Association

As a Professional Performance Coach, Coach David Parker specialises in the development & preparation of athletes, specifically in the sport of Track & Field Athletics. More specifically he is specialist in the Javelin Throw with over 15 years of coaching at a high level, organising and running events & conference presentations.

Nordic Sport is the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of premium Track and Field equipment. As managing director, Coach David Parker is responsible for formulating and successfully implementing company policy, ensuring that the business heads in a positive direction, developing partnerships and relationships with external stakeholders, and more.

Sightline Performance Limited is the UK wide distributer for the ‘FinnFlier’ which is a fantastic product manufactured by Movemakers in Finland. As Owner and Managing Director, Coach David Parker’s goal is to sell other Movemakers products which are all marketed as ‘safe’ and thus have a huge appeal to the school and club sector.

Coach David Parker was responsible for the delivery of high quality performance coaching services to the athletes located in the Shanghai province of China. Regular communication with coaches & athletes to ensure team collaboration is central to the ability of the athlete(s) to achieve at the highest level possible.